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Our platform provides author-specific tools, custom design and ongoing care

We get it. You knew marketing would be part of the deal when you wrote your first book, but sheesh! There's so many moving parts. Your books need landing pages, where do readers buy or pre-order, you need to grow your mailing list, offer free downloads, encourage social media shares, build a following, book speaking events, the list goes on and on. Not to mention you need a visually appealing and cohesive brand to pull it all together. It can get overwhelming!

That's why we created Bookworm Websites: a website platform with built in tools just for authors.

Promote your books like a pro

Beautiful landing pages for each one of your books, ready for sharing.

Feel confident to share your website

Stop being embarrassed and know that your website represents exactly who you are.

Have full control of your message

Have access to easily add pages, books and blog posts whenever you need to.

Spend more time writing

All the tech is handled & looked after for you, so you can focus on the important stuff.

Your author website is where ACTION is taken

If your website isn't working well, then you're not connecting with your readers OR using your best GROWTH tool. Social Media is important, but it all leads back to your website - the place where ACTION is taken. It's where readers can connect with you on a deeper level by reading your blog and take actions like: buy your books, download free chapters and join your email list.

Now, what if you could also get your new website DONE in a day?

Yes, it's totally possible!

In our design agency, we have found that projects that last months can be costly and may not even be necessary for every type of project. We've designed and built many author websites and have streamlined the process to the point where we can complete a beautiful, custom designed website in one day if we have everything we need. A one day intensive also allows us to make your author website much more affordable. Win win!

We've developed a proven process to guide you through preparing your content so that your website is ready for design & development on your VIP Build Day. We can get your website designed and built quickly and beautifully in just one day when you follow our process. By the end of your Build Day, you'll have a brand new website and an ongoing plan to handle hosting, maintenance and support for you so you can get on with what you do best... writing!

Our Process

Book your VIP Build Day by paying your deposit and selecting your day. If you're not sure this is right for you, book a free call with us and let's chat.

Set aside a couple of weeks to gather and share your content with us. Three to five days before your build day we'll have a design call with you to make sure we have everything we need and to discuss your work and the design vision for the website.

When your build day arrives, we're off and running! Make sure you're available to answer questions and provide feedback. It's a fun and collaborative process!

We can launch at the end of your Build Day, or if you want to sleep on it, we can reconvene the next day - we'll set aside an hour for you in case you have any final tweaks. Once you've paid your final invoice and signed up for your monthly plan, pop the bubbly, your website will be live!

How does it work?

3 Steps to Your New Website

step 1

Book Your Day

Secure your Build Day by paying your deposit and choosing your build day on our calendar.

step 2

Get Prepared

Follow the steps in your welcome email to complete your Prep & share your content via Google Drive.

step 3

Build Day!

After a design call a few days before, we're off and running! Make yourself available for feedback and questions.

By the end of your Build Day, you'll have a brand new website and an ongoing plan to handle hosting, maintenance and support for you so you can get on with what you do best... writing!

A Website Platform Just For Authors

No Web Design Skills Required

Work one-on-one with a professional web designer to make sure your site looks awesome

Book Pages Ready for Sharing

Auto-generate beautiful landing pages for your books by just filling out a few form fields.

Engage with your fans

Engage your readers with free chapter downloads, shareable images, tweets & posts.

Support when you need it

Find tips, how-to guides and videos in your admin dashboard or ask us questions any time.